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Exploring the themes of spontaneity, the self and adaptation, Espina creates abstract paintings simultaneously, to search and embrace a visceral lifestyle. By contrasting themes of chance verses ideas of plan and static, she works towards a path of discovery by understanding the influence of what surrounds us.
In recent works Espina reclaims elements of her original artwork, and creates a fresh adaptation that embraces both a past and a present. Often working in a cyclical motion, she constructs her series with no beginning or end. Her process based pieces demonstrate discovery of those transitions that lead to change.
Espina connects and reconnects with her work by using the sculptural elements of her medium, the removal and reapplication of paint, large gestures and bold colour. Her work is about ones ability to embrace the assumed future while identifying with the past.
Born in Toronto, Canada, Espina has a BFA from OCAD University where she completed her undergraduate thesis in Florence, Italy. She has held two solo exhibitions curated by Pari Nadimi  at the 2 of 2Gallery, has showcased her work in galleries and artist run centres around Europe and Canada, and continues to sell pieces to designers and home stagers in the Greater Toronto Area.