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2014 “The Landscaped” – Soho Lobby Gallery

Soho Lobby Gallery – “The Landscaped”
May 15th – June 10th

THE LANDSCAPED brings together past and upcoming My Mother’s Basement Gallery artists to engage new audiences and communities, featuring Melissa Espina, Melanie Gausden, Caitlyn Hoskin, Cortney Stephenson and Ilana Van Zyl: five artists whose work articulates different perspectives of the Canadian landscape. is a platform for emerging artists to present their work through alternative spaces. Primarily housed as an online gallery with a monthly rotating exhibition, My Mother’s Basement gives an opportunity for burgeoning artists and curators to gain experience and exposure for their work. THE LANDSCAPED will be the first in a series of shows in partnership with SOHO Lobby Gallery, an exhibition space dedicated to showcasing emerging and under-represented artists.



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